US Ambassador Visits AUN

Ambassador Entwistle addressing a press conference at Robert Pastor Library, flanked on the right by President Ensign

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Nigerian Independence Celebration at AUN

President Margee Ensign, assisted by Dean Idoreyin Akpan and Adaobi, cutting the Nigerian Independence Day cake.

AUN Academy aids IDP

AUN Academy donates educational materials to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Bajabure, on Sunday, Sept 28

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Poverty Spotlight Approach to Poverty Reduction

Former Mayor of Asuncion, Paraguay, Martin Burt, delivers inaugural Atiku Center for Leadership lecture at the AUN auditorium.

#EducateOurGirls Campaign Launch

AUN President Margee Ensign launching the #EducateOurGirls campaign in Washington

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Spring 2015 Graduate Admissions

The Graduate School is accepting applications into PGDM, MBA and MISSM programs for Spring 2015 Admissions

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